Welcome to the official FlareMC website!

Here you can find our Forums, Donation Store & join our online community! FlareMC is a leading Minecraft server, striving to bring you the best experience. With a friendly community and hardworking staff, we endeavour to bring you quality. The FlareMC Minecraft Server network consists of Factions, KitPvP & SkyBlock servers – We have something for everyone! With fully custom builds and years of experience in the server business why not become a member today?


With 99.99% uptime and lag-free, top class dedicated servers we strive to bring you only the best Minecraft server experience on the FlareMC Network.


The FlareMC staff team are here to help! Our staff members are well-trained and can assist you at a moments notice. Do /staff to see where we are.


Featuring SkyBlock, KitPvP & Factions, we endeavour to deliver the most enjoyable experience on FlareMC.


Our Factions server just got even better! Now with NEW kits, NEW custom enchants, crates and more! We thank you for your continued support on the server. We wouldn’t be running without you, the players. We hope you enjoy this new update to the FlareMC network. You can join today @ play.flaremc.net!

(Screenshot coming soon)


SkyBlock is the newest addition to the FlareMC Network! Build the best island, create the most efficient grinders, race to the top of the leaderboard! With KoTH’s every 6 hours, challenges, pvp events, boss fights, daily prizes and more, why not start your SkyBlock adventure today?

FlareMC SkyBlock Server KoTH


Vote for FlareMC Minecraft Server network to support us in growing our community and making FlareMC even better! You will also get a reward, us saying thank you, on whatever server you are on at the time of voting (Crate keys for Factions, coins on KitPvP, tokens on SkyBlock & more!) – Don’t worry, you can always vote and come back later!






You must be 13 years old or older. This is to make sure the staff team is as mature as possible and to ensure you have the resilliance to work hard and not give up with jobs. If you are younger than 13 and believe you fit this role, you may still apply, but with less chance.

You must be mature and use grammar. As a staff member, this is one of your main skills which we will always expect of you. If you are not prepared to put time and effort into your application and use proper grammar, it says a lot about you and decreases your chance of acceptance.

You must have a Skype and Discord account for us to contact you. This helps us stay in contact as a team. Our staff chat is also hosted on Skype, as well as a staff room and community chat on discord. Your application will be instantly denied if these requirements are not met.